Proactive Management

Breeze-CG believes in proactive database and applications management.

The old adage ‘Proper planning prevents poor performance’ is a core value with Breeze.

Applications which are unavailable, either planned or unplanned outages, are non-
productive and costly to your business.

Proactive management from Breeze-CG will help you minimize your downtime while
maximizing your security and reliability.

Breeze-CG is on top of best practices in patching and updating Oracle software.
Breeze researches and evaluates the recommended and mandatory updates from the
vendor and prioritizes them on a client by client basis.

Additionally Breeze-CG has the expertise to analyze the output of the Automatic
Database Diagnostic Monitor, determine and set appropriate alert thresholds and
capture server generated alerts to ensure that resource scarcity and hardware issues
are caught before problems occur.