Performance Tuning

Breeze Consulting Group knows the value of tuning your implementations.  Poorly tuned applications cause performance degradation, unnecessary hardware costs and loss of user productivity.


Breeze approaches tuning on several levels. 


Database tuning is the most common 'first thought' and is important.  That said, tuning of applications (query and processing code), removing redundant processes (forgotten reports, background jobs, etc), and end user education concerning shared resources and reusability, all can produce stunning performance improvement.  Also, operating systems and hardware tuning play a role in systems efficiency. 


Breeze CG has great depth of experience in all three areas. 

Database Tuning

Breeze will analyze your database utilization searching for input/output conflicts, scarce resources indicators, and physical design deficiencies in their database optimization.  Breeze has expert level resources available to use the database built-in tools (tkprof, Oracle Enterprise Manager and others), plus deep knowledge of various third party utilization analysis tools.

Applications Tuning

Breeze CG resources have personally lead projects to greatly improve applications efficiency.  Breeze brings tools to the table that can locate and detail all the scheduled executions in your applications and cross correlate for redundancy and inefficient overlapping executions (e.g., a report that executes at 15 minute intervals but requires 45 minutes to complete), and obsolete processing. 


Further, Breeze CG resources have proven code analysis skills. Breeze resources have assisted clients in improving execution of SQL, PL/SQL and operating system scripts to reduce runtimes, improve throughput and system resource utilization.


Breeze also knows the value of testing.  With Breeze CG's depth of experience they have witnessed the scenario in which tuning has improved performance at the cost of accuracy.  Breeze takes proactive steps to ensure that the quality of the code is ensured and that post-tuning processing is consistent with the pre-tuning execution.

OS and Hardware Tuning

Operating systems can be complex and obfuscating.  Often configuration is obscure and has interrelations that are not clear.

Breeze CG's expert resources bring the knowledge to your organization to analyze the OS and hardware configuration and remove conflicting resource allocations, Input/Output (I/O) bottlenecks, and expose opportunities for cost efficient system upgrades that will return on the investment. 


All of these tuning methods can be employed concurrently by Breeze to locate and deliver the greatest Return on Investment (ROI) for your organization.  Contact us for a consultation.