Oracle Enterprise Manager

Oracle Enterprise Manager is a powerful and flexible tool for managing your
databases and applications.

From plug-ins to management packs Breeze-CG knows Oracle Enterprise Manager
from front to back.

Whether managing a traditional Oracle environment or a leading edge cloud system
Breeze-CG brings the expertise you need.

Breeze-CG personnel will handle performance management, change and
configuration management, patching, provisioning, testing, diagnostics and enable
automatic tuning to ensure your organization’s success.

  • Grid Control

Breeze personnel have in depth knowledge of the Oracle Enterprise
Manager Grid Control. Establishing and administering multiple instances is
a Breeze with OEM Grid.

  • Database Control

Breeze uses all the features of the Database Control to ensure your
installation is up to date and performing optimally. This includes
diagnostics, tuning, testing, and lifecycle management.

  • Application Server Control

Managing the Oracle Applications eBusiness Suite is a sweet spot for
Breeze-CG. Whether it’s cloning or performance monitoring Breeze-CG’s
experts can leverage Enterprise Manager to meet your systems needs.

  • Plug-Ins

Oracle offers a variety of plug-ins to extend Enterprise Manager
functionality for heterogeneous service management. Breeze has used
many of these ranging from Database and server to middleware and
network plug-ins