Oracle Portfolio Management

Oracle has a wide variety of excellent software, continuously adding new features and acquiring technology to add to their stable of offerings.


From applications to middleware, database to infrastructure, managing your portfolio of Oracle software can be a significant challenge. 

  1. The offerings change so rapidly that it is difficult to absorb the scope of opportunities they present.
  2. The implications of the changed offerings are not always self evident. 

Breeze-CG, through directed research and by leveraging the knowledge gained from customer engagement,  is constantly reevaluating Oracle's offerings.  This allows Breeze to provide a comprehensive understanding of the technology and potential benefits to a wide range of client environments.


Breeze-CG will work with your staff to inventory your implementations and 'shelf-ware' to determine the current state of your portfolio.


Breeze will also analyze how it maps to the latest offerings and the risks involved with and the benefits presented by upgrades.


Let Breeze give your organization the greatest visibility to productivity enhancing opportunities with the best risk mitigation possible. Contact us for a consultation.