Database Security Management

  • Secure Oracle Database installation and configuration
    Breeze CG has had multiple engagements installing, configuring and securing stand alone and applications databases.  

    In today's climate of Intellectual property theft, customer data breaches, and international hacking organizations, security issues loom large and Breeze has the expertise to secure your environment to the greatest degree possible.

  • Secure User Accounts
    Creating and securing end user accounts can be a time consuming and arduous task.  Let Breeze CG's expert database administrators (DBAs) lighten your in-house staff's load.

  • Manage Roles and Privileges
    Roles and privilege management is key to simplifying and organize your security access.  Consistency in like users is ensured though the use of roles and Breeze CG understands how to organize privileges into roles to guarantee security and coherence.

  • Secure Data Across Network
    Network security works hand in hand with database security.  In conjunction with your network administrators Breeze CG will help you leverage encryption, SSL and other protocols to aggressively secure your data transmission.

  • Control Access to Data
    Databases allow for the control of access to data to almost an infinite degree.  Breeze CG has great expertise in balancing data level  security with performance to ensure that privacy and need-to-know concerns are met without damaging performance.

  • Configure Auditing to Monitor Activities
    Much like data level security both databases and applications offer a variety of auditing capabilities.  Balancing auditing with performance can be a challenge.  Breeze CG has the depth of knowledge to leverage the appropriate auditing to optimize accountability while maintaining performance at an optimal level.